Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Little Love For Frosty

Remember your favourite holiday shows? Was Frosty the Snowman one of them? This photo was taken last winter. Sadie was 2. I would pop frosty in and then I would go get dressed or put a load of laundry in. He was (and still is) capable of holding her attention for the whole show. However, as you can see, she could not get close enough to her dear, cold friend. When I would leave the room she would hop right up on the table to be with him. What are your holiday faves?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Frustrations lead to Happy Memories....Sometimes....

Thankfully this is one of those times that the frustration does lead to a happy memory................
You moms out there.....with school age children..............will likely know exactly what I am talking about........I am sorry if you instantly feel stressed and annoyed when I mention the word "homework". Not only is this a stressful thing in and of itself........but.....add to this the broken pencil. Yes, you read me right..........the broken pencil and let's just add, for frustration sake, that the eraser is also non existent on the end of the pencil. Of course, there are no pencil sharpeners around, the boys look at me like they do not even know what I could possibly be talking about.......a pencil sharpener? What? They, honestly, just stare at me blankly.

Blood starts to boil right about NOW.

This happens at least 3 times a week. Now, do not think that I do not have pencil sharpeners, because I do. But, each time I give them one, it somehow disappears, or it just plain does not work.

Here comes the happy part. Last week I was wading through another cupboard filled with "stuff". We call these the cupboards of death. Why? Because as soon as you open them everything falls out and you drown in the "stuff". I have a few of these.....tupperware anyone?
Anyhow, in this cupboard I found the old telephone pencil sharpener from my grandparents home. It hung on the wall in my Nana's kitchen. They did not have a lot of toys for us at their house, but I played with this endlessly. As you can see, on the one side there is the piece that you can put up to your ear and pretend you are having a real conversation. Side note: this must have been when I first started talking to myself...........
Anyway, I have had this sharpener for years now, it is truly vintage. It even has a removable tray for the "shavings". Guess what? Unlike my vintage NUT post, this one actually works.........and works well.
This one shall be hard for them to i am screwing it to the wall this afternoon!!! One less headache come homework time!

Saturday, 1 December 2012


2012 Canadian Blog Awards Humour

Sarah, from Journeys of the Zoo, asked me if I would like to be her December Feature!!
I prefer to think I am "Miss December"
I, of course, was so excited. Sarah thinks I must not get out much..............
Anyhow, you may or may not have noticed that I have not been posting much this week.......we have been fighting the flu and other ailments ..................sorry for have no idea how sorry I really places anyone???
Come visit me at Journeys of the Zoo and check out all that Sarah has to offer!! She is amazing at keeping up with all the latest and greatest giveaways...............check it out............she'll even link yours up!!