Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Movember and a Pretty Hat

I know I always show you things happening with my little ones, the littles...............I would show you things in regards with the older ones.......but they are secretive and refuse to be photographed!!! Well, it's Movember and my 16 year old son is participating in the event! ( I must tell you, his mustache looks way, shall we say "less", in person). I asked him if I should delete this picture and do another..........No no, he says, he thinks he looks awesome in this "thick" mustache picture. He has also donned my 3 year olds halloween hat. Everyone in the house is in good moods tonight (there are 8 of us right now, so that is saying a lot for the "all happy" factor) I must take advantage of the good moods and take pictures............they just might smile!!


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