Monday, 19 November 2012

Thankful for Parents and their Skills!!

My dad came by this weekend! He had made a cabinet for beside my stove. In my old house, the stove was a built in gas range.............however, when we moved, there was no "built in" area for the stove,'s just been sitting there with one side unfinished. Dad worked long and hard and came up with a lovely cabinet to make the stove appear "built in".  I will show pictures of it after I have finished the things I need to do to it!! Thanks Dad!!!
My mom sent a few treaties along with dad..............YAY!!! First is a lovely brown bag filled with spice cookies. Everyone enjoys these. They are in a lovely glass covered I can hear when the boys are trying to sneak them!!
Next is a lovely crochet yoke. I found the pattern on etsy and knew that I had lovely material to go with the yoke. However, I do not crochet right comes my moms expertise. She crocheted this up in a day and sent it over too. I added the paris fabric to it this afternoon and now Sadie has a lovely new dress. Thanks Mom!!


  1. The dress is beautiful! What beautiful work!

    1. I really should learn to crochet!! I haven't done it for years!!

  2. that is awesome, yay Grandpa! I can't wait to see it, miss you!