Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Salmon Spectacular

We woke up to a gorgeous morning at the cottage..........super early mind you. On our drive up we heard about The Salmon Spectacular in Owen Sound. Apparently this is a huge fishing event. People from all over show up, to register and fish....hoping to win the big prize, which is a boat all decked out with fishing gear. I do not fish. If you do fish, or have a spouse who loves to fish, do not hate me for this but, I do not see fishing as a "sport". It drives me crazy when people call it a sport. Anyway, I find it incredibly boring as well. But, we had been told there would be "kid" events here, and we have kids, so, why not go and have them entertained a bit. Hmmmm, how to be polite, there were no kid events. There was one fishing simulator. This entailed sitting on a chair, holding a fishing rod, looking at a small tv screen, watching a fish swim about on the screen, your fishing pole jerks around, you have to reel the fish in, you reel the fish in..........end of event. This is one event I never, personally, ever need to attend again!!

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