Friday, 17 August 2012

Help, Hope & a Giveaway

Oh I need some HELP dear readers!! My first photo is of my roadside mailbox. It was here when we bought the's not my fault. It is so ugly!! I want something unique!! Things I do know-- I do not wish for the mailbox to be animal shaped, or painted like a Canadian Flag............But that's all I do know. So, please, if you have any ideas, please share them with me!!!
My "little boys" and I worked on our driveway today. Yes, that is a driveway, not a forest. We had 3 days of rain, and all these weeds showed up. It poured last night, so, when it was sunny this morning, I thought we should be able to pull the weeds a little easier. For almost 3 hours we worked at it. Here comes the HOPE............I read on one bloggers blog that you can spray the weeds with vinegar and they will die. So, upon completion of the pulling.........I went out and sprayed it all with vinegar. I HOPE this works!!!
Now for the giveaway. My daughter has a wonderful blog! It is full of honest skin care and makeup info. She is hosting a giveaway! Just click here to go to her giveaway and check out her blog!! Enjoy!!


  1. thank you for the giveaway shout out! I hope you entered!!
    You do need a new mailbox, sheesh! haha.

  2. Sheesh, I ugly!!