Friday, 3 August 2012

The Bustle Dress

Ah, summertime, in lovely Ontario!!! Love it!! Love that the kids can run around in barefeet, smell a few flowers and just take it all in. Even Sadie stopped to smell a few flowers. On this day she is wearing a DIY dress that I found on the internet. Now, the original maker of this dress admitted that her instructions were quite lacking, and seriously, she was not kidding!!! I did not take much instruction from what she wrote, just sort of winged it myself. So here it is, The Bustle Dress. Oh the colours this could be made with!!! The options are endless. For the top I used a tee shirt that was just sitting in her drawer. I embellished it with a vintage doily that was just sitting in another drawer! The back was where it got tricky. But after a few errors I figured out what to do. Next time I make this I will make the rows of gathers, less gathered. I found this dress is quite heavy when you gather it too tightly.The next one I make will be long sleeved for fall. Perhaps in red and white (yes I am already thinking Christmas!!) . When I was finished making this, I hung it on a hanger and just drank it in. It reminds me of the style by No Added Sugar. Enjoy!!