Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Paper Dolls

Have I mentioned that I love fabric with paper doll images? Well....I really, really do!! When I first started sewing for my daughter, one of the first things I made were the bloomers in the top photo. I loved the colour of the fabric and the images are so adorable. That was 3 years ago.............turns out that the fabric is out of print and I have a tough time finding it! I only have 2 yards of it left, and I look at it often. I should likely frame a piece to save. During the summer my nieces and my 2 of my kids had a fun day doing a photo shoot. The second photo shows 2 of the dresses I make with the paper doll the paper doll apron on my daughter (she is the smaller one). Lastly, is a pair of bloomers. I have a nice amount of this fabric. I am thinking of doing a paper doll set for my little one to play with. I've seen a few out there, I happen to have everything I need to make a set................I really should just do it!
You can find all these clothing items here.
I made a super cute bedding set for Sadie when she moved into her "big girl" bed. It is my favourite set of sheets that she has!
How about you? Do you enjoy paperdoll whimsy?

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  1. These are very cute! Paper dolls were a staple in our house when I was growing up. It is sad when you love a fabric that is no longer available. I love these dresses as well. The ruffles are darling. Would love for you to visit us