Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Old Black Witch.........spunky friend of mine.

"Bat's!" she would say, "Bats! Crickets? And snakes' knees!" Honestly, how could I not love someone who said such things!! This is one of my all time favourite books from childhood. "My" old black witch was ornery, short, fat, black, dirty, warty and spunky!! All the things I love in a good/bad witch. This book is not just for Halloween, as is has nothing to do with Halloween! It's a cool story of a mother and son, starting up a sweet tearoom, and all the troubles that go along with having an old black witch in the attic. "My" witch soon takes to helping the mom and son with the business.....thus her recipe for blueberry pancakes.....on the back cover of the book.
Enjoy!! If you can find a copy that is!!