Sunday, 21 October 2012

Let the Small Town Bidding Begin.....

We used to live in a "big" city. We moved, 2 years ago now, to a quiet, tiny community. We do love it here, although, it is different..........really different. My kids used to attend a school where, I honestly believe, the parents all felt it was a private school. That's what they all acted like anyway..........but it wasn't, it was just a normal public school, although that would come as a huge surprise to many of the parents there. That school had all kinds of fund raisers, although I don't know why, because, rarely, the funds raised went to the school, they were always giving the money raised, away to some charity or another. Strange really. That all being said, some of the fundraisers were huge. Like the fun fair, it was like a huge carnival, massive amounts of money was raised.
New Setting........small fund raiser. Such a cute school my kids now attend. It's a public school, and no one pretends it isn't. We went to the fun fair last spring. It was very small, there was very little to do..............however, there was an auction of sorts. You know the one where you go around and write your bids on a sheet, and then someone else comes and up bids the item and at a certain time the bidding ends and whoever has the high bid wins the auction. Well I don't think that our new community gets the whole idea of fund raiser. I think that they were playing "Let's Make a Deal"!!!! Anyhow.................Here's how it went:
US: Wow, look at this great auction.........A weekend away in Stratford Ontario at an awesome B&B and       tickets to "The Matchmaker" at the Festival Theatre. Let's Bid.

"The Others": Wow, this looks like fun. A weekend away, let's bid.

US: What the heck??? Someone has upbid "Our" auction. How dare they...............we must up our bid.

The Others: Hey, did they just put in another bid.......................let's make them miserable and up the bid again.

And so it went for 3 hours. We went home for 2 hours (there really was nothing to do at the fun fair).
When we came back, there was 10 minutes left to bid...........and so, we did. Back and forth. Finally, we had had enough of this nonsense! We put in our high bid of $325.00..........That's right, just $325 for this wicked weekend away!!
At the school we used to attend, this would have gone for over $1000.00............why...........because it's a fundraiser!!
Anyhow, we got the weekend away!!! It's been a blast. We have to check out in half an hour to reality again.
I may, or may not, share some of our crazy adventures from the past 3 days......tomorrow...........


  1. Mom that is awesome haha! I want to hear all about it hopefully next weekend if we are still doing the christmas craft show!

  2. sounds like quite the weekend!
    auctions stress me out. i hardly ever pay attention to the bidding..mostly just the auctioneer, wondering how on earth he does it!
    following your blog via the gfc blog hop. looking forward to future posts :)

    1. It was so great to get away for a bit, with very little responsibility!!! Everyone deserves a little break, I think!

    2. I'm glad you had a great time away! Looking forward to hearing what you allll did - wink!